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First Stage of the Final Painting

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Below is the start of the Final Painting for this subject. It is a final development from the last imagery I posted.   Began with a blank Canvas and then drew on the basic lines with pencil. I felt the last image was a bit too structured and needed to feel a bit more “free” and “loose” and went back to the Brett Whiteley work and feel the freeness and the line work is more inspired by my research within his work and life.   I then used Ink and a paint brush to go over my pencil lines before using blue paint, gel medium and water to create a transparent dripping wash over most of the canvas. I have again left some of the black ink wet to create that layering and depth effect with the blue wash coming over it.           Further developments to follow. I look forward to your feedback....

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Working towards the final painting

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I have been working a lot with this images attempting different techniques and seeing what works best and what I can do with the colour, lines and texture. As you can see in the following development images this has started to come together to create an abstracted repetitive interpretation of a self portrait.     Started off with a sketch on paper that would then be covered with black Ink and the thickness of the lines would be determined. I put a lot of thought into how I was using the brush with the Ink to create a difference in the thickness of the lines therefore creating more shape.   I then proceeded to mix a blue paint with a gel gloss medium creating a more transparent effect with the paint. I have gone over the ink while parts of it were still wet to create some depth within the transparent blue at the same time creating a more textured effect. The lips and eyes have been lined with coloured markers adding in touches of other colours just coming through against the black Ink.         Another technique I tried was dabbing the paint on along the black ink line and on one side leaving it thick and textured with the dark blue and with the lighter blue using a dry brush with the paint and bringing it out into the blank space in a circular motion.       The dark blue had been roughly scraped over the light blue and black Ink all over the painting in different directions from the bottom left bringing your eye up to the right mid section and top right hand side of the image with dark blue also being scraped down from the top right and also across to the top left hand corner.         FINAL IMAGE OF THS IMAGE AND TECHNIQUE DEVELOPMENT   I will take techniques from this trial to work into my Final Painting for this subject.  ...

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      Further development of previous images…   IMAGE #1              This image I have tried to keep simple focusing mainly on lines and pattern with an element of colour. The colour us not too overwhelming and with the different patterns throughout the spaces created by the heavy Ink lines. The thickness of lines varies throughout the image in both the structural lines and pattern created, which creates a balance within the image as a whole.   IMAGE #2                     Image #2 has been the least successful of my attempts in this development stage with the image being overworked due to it not feeling connected and too busy within the centre with the multiple lines coming in as well as the very bright yellow background next to the pink and blue/green. The green has been dotted around the ink line with the pink centre. The dots have then been scraped out from the point being the edge of the pink. I have also detailed some gold into the the blue and pink scraping on top of the yellow. The gold over the colour I feel has been a success and can be used in a further development.   MAGE #3             This oneI have been adventurous with the use of colour combining both warm and cool colours with the harshness and strength the black Ink brings. With this image I have been working with layers and texture with a variance in transparency within some of the layers. I have included Ink, Acrylic paint, Coloured pencil, Paint pens as well as working in a gel medium to some layers of the Acrylic paint. I have worked with both a wet and dry brush throughout to create different effects and textures across the image as well as including the same scraping technique as in Image#2 this scraping technique compliments the roughness of the dry brush around the outter edges of the frame coming in towards the central figure.   IMAGE #4        With Image #4 I have again like Image#3 been adventurous with my use of colour although this time using more bright “pop” colours. Bright colours with the black Ink focal image over the top of a galaxy of textured bright Pink and yellow mixed in with a deeper Aqua balancing base. The gold paint pen has been used to work in lines overlapping both the black Ink and background colour bringing the background and foreground images together. The gold creates a reflective effect and stands out agains the black drawing attention to the detail rather than the colour of the background taking over and losing the main image.   FURTHER DEVELOPMENT: From here I chose to take parts of each of the above and creating a more simplistic Ink and Pencil image.        I began with one portrait using Ink and brush; then replicating the image and overlapping the two. The idea of this came from the idea that one image is never enough… One photograph is never enough… if we take a Selfie or a picture of someone else or something else for that matter it has become increasingly more ‘normal’ to take at least 1 or 2 ‘safety’ photos. These ‘safety’ photos...

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Artist Research | Dean Reilly > attempt at his work

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I was asked to commission a painting in the style of one of Dean Reilly’s works:   As I was planning out my painting I thought of my work for this subject… and the more I look at this painting the more interesting I find it. It seems to have so much of what I have been interested in (from various artists) the harsh lines, the pop art aspect, the portrait, the roughness yet fine detail, the layering. Dean has (without knowing – obviously) created an image that brings together so much of what I respond to from so many other paintings in one piece. The “pop” feel of the colours used bright reds and yellows next to a hint of deep blues and browns with the solid blue background. The loose yet structured brushstrokes give the image a feeling of reality. Through my development of this painting my understanding of this technique grew and I found myself feeling more natural and confident with large brushstrokes which only can appear natural when they are applied with ease in a natural free flowing way. Development of the painting as follows: Blank canvas 1.2m x 1.2m              As you can see below are various stages of the layering which shows the texture against a more smooth surface with some areas being matt as opposed to some having a gloss gel medium mixed through the paint.                        You will notice throughout these images sometimes I would have the canvas upside down or on it side as I found it easer to focus on the shapes and the colours rather than the image as a whole.   In the photo above you can see how I have become cross-eyed from the concentration mixed with bright colours and lights.          This is the final outcome which I feel has really tested my abilities to understand another artists process in the application of paint to the canvas along with the the struggle not to make it my own. Overall I am very pleased with the transparancy of some of the layers and  feel I have captured the essence of the eyes as when you are in the room you feel as if the eyes are always watching you no matter where you are which is what I was hoping to achieve based on the original. The use of colour and the difference in the depth of lines in a less structured form has allowed me to think of a more natural loose approach to some of my own...

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Why museums hide masterpieces away – Link

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This is a interesting article published on the BBC Culture website about why museums hide masterpieces away.

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Stripped Back further development images

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I have taken influence from the artists I have been researching… really taking into account the way Whiteley uses lines and the density of those lines. The use of Colour Warhol brings to his work I have popped into mine… I want the colour to be bold and strong and provide an element of “pop” to the image I am creating without overwhelming the image. I feel this image is developing well and has come a long way from the beginning. It has become abstract which is not something I would have considered… I have allowed the influence of artists I am researching at the same time as developing my own style which I am now becoming more comfortable with. I feel this image is becoming a true representation of my own style and myself (as it is still a self portrait).   Here are some development ink drawings:   Here is development of a selection of the above:                Techniques I have created layers building up these images. Using a mix of Ink, Acrylic Paint, White Ceiling Paint and a Shimmer Gold Acrylic Paint. I have used paint brushes and pallet knife to apply the paint and ink onto the paper.        Here is the final development of 2 of the images that I feel are the most resolved and have really become something.  ...

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Further Development on Stripped Back Selfie

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I have been further developing this image and the more I think about it and think about the artists I am researching the more free the image becomes. I feel the lines are starting to flow a bit more freely and smoothly and the abstraction is forming without being forced. It has become more and more of a natural development in style and meaning for me. The bright yellow I have started using is inspired from Pop Art – bright colours – Andy Warhol as well as the obvious Picasso influence with the yellow used (yellow always makes me think Picasso) as well as the lines being influenced by both Picasso and Brett Whiteley as well as my own style beginning to come through. I am still developing the background and seeing how much (if any) texture I could potentially work into this. I have found that this work is constantly on my mind and everything I do, everywhere I go I seem to somehow make a connection in my head to my work.   ...

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Further Development of Stripped Back Self Portrait

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I have further developed this image attempting to make it more ambiguous. It has become more abstract with the curves of lines feeling more free and at ease. I have been experimenting with different colour combinations and seems to be developing more into a Picasso style which I seem to always fall in to the more I develop an image.   Development #1           Final     Development #2        Final   Development #3        Final Further developments to...

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RESEARCH: Andy Warhol, Self Portrait, 1967

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Andy Warhol, Self Portrait, 1967 Size| Support: 1832 x 1832 mm Frame: 1867 x 1867 x 52 mm Tate Collection – Not on display (Purchased in 1971)   What draws me to the work is the feeling of texture created by the layering. Even though I know it is a screen-print there is still an element of freeness within the sections of the print. The washed out appearance over the what would be solid red up against the bright blue creates a defining contrast without the need of black or white or any thin line between the shapes. The background slightly merging into the side of the head on the left hand side of the image with only one eye visible on the right there is a shadow created in what is essentially a 2D image. The lines in the background of the portrait are soft and uneven with the curve of the hair and ear being harsh and a solid break from the background. With mostly curved lines and no solid straight lines there is a flow and softness to the work without all of the shapes merging into one. The solid shapes created was to ‘minimise Warhol’s human qualities’ as stated in the Display caption provided by the Tate. The image is still representative of a portrait without being obviously painted to look exactly like the photography it was worked off. This portrait is only one painting out of a series of portraits created by Warhol between 1966-67 that were all based on the same photograph. The Tate have stated in their Display Caption on the work that: “Whilst his likeness remains recognisable, the image is painted in such a way as to minimise Warhol’s human qualities. His facial features, although always identifiable, also act as patterns of densely layered colour. Any expressive paint handling is suppressed buy the silkscreen surface, reflecting Warhol’s  self proclaimed intention to ‘completely remove all the hand gesture from art and become noncommittal, anonymous’.” There was a lot happening in 1967 in America. The Vietnam war was happening which had a large impact on both the Economic and Political state of the country as well as the social side. America and the Soviet Union were in a ‘race to space’ competing by sending probes out in to space. On the more creative side of things The Doors released their debut album in January of 1967 with Jimi Hendrix following in the August releasing his debut album. The mid 60’s felt a change in music… and art for that...

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Brett Whiteley Studio Visit. Current Exhibition: Alchemy-pop

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Brett Whiteley Studio Visit.  Current Exhibition: Alchemy-pop In amongst my research into Brett Whiteley I discovered his studio is based not too far from where I live in Sydney so I decided it would be an ideal place to visit given my fascination with Whiteley as well as being educational and a great way to get a better understanding of the space in which he worked. It was a rainy day; running up to the door was a middle-aged man with short grey hair, round in the face with jeans and a black leather jacket on and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. As we approached he invited us in and asked if we had visited the studio before. We (my partner and I) answered no and the grey haired man with said cigarette still standing in the doorway advised us that the exhibition of work in on the ground level along with the gift shop and the studio space is up the stairs – clearly pointing out that NO PHOTOS allowed. So in we were and free to explore. It was quiet… so quiet although more people there than expected. As we made our way around the lower level seeing works I had only ever seen online and in books right there in front of me I was amazed with the level of detail in the same painting with such a free feeling and roughness to it. On the first main walls – joined at the corner hung panels of Alchemy. These panels created by Whiteley between January 1972 – early 1973. These panels are individual pieces of art joined to create a journey – a journey created in Whiteleys mind from various sources of inspiration.  Alchemy consists of 18 panels of oil and mixed media on wood, 205.8 x 1617 x 3.3cm overall. If read from right to left it is said to become a birth to death vision although it can be read either way. The IT panel is the central point in the current exhibition it also sits in the middle. This work is layered with texture accompanied with mixed media creating a 3D element to many of the panels. Holes cut out with a mirror behind or a light shining through… such complexity within the work. Large scale images painted with a disproportionate painting next to it painted in such fine detail the work draws you in at the same time and sending you away and stepping right back to admire the work and the story as a whole. Whiteley wrote of the work “Alchemy is the business of seeing what doesn’t exist” . There is a real sexual nature to the work. The curves. The peachy nude colour and the way it flows, its feels rude but with an element of elegance. The painting is both confusing and intriguing with so much going on it really does begin to feel like a story, a journey, through Whiteley and through my own life experiences and interpretation. As we walked around the rest of the Exhibition on the ground level we come across the matches large in scale as well as the tiny matches in a clear box stuck to the wall. Portraits of Van Gogh with bright layered paint capturing Whiteleys love on...

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